Beth Hendler-Grunt | Hiring Interns and Recent Grads

If you’re a parent, especially if you have a kid in college, you can’t miss this episode. Same with any companies that might be hiring now or in the future.

Beth Hendler-Grunt, of Next Great Step, is a career coach specializing in helping recent college grads land that all important first job… which can set the stage for their whole career.

She shares what students should be doing right now to prepare, even if graduation is years away. Just having a great degree is not enough anymore. That won’t set you apart from other applicants, says Beth. At the same time, she explains why employers shouldn’t be so afraid to hire right out of college.

As an entrepreneur, Beth also highlights how to make sure your business idea has a ready market and you have the right resources – and people around you – to grow.  

Tune in to find out…

  • Where 80% of jobs can be found
  • The student and employer mindset mismatch
  • How social media can sabotage the job search
  • One of the biggest fears young people must face to get ahead
  • And more

Listen now…

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