Creating Collaborative Business Relationships

Collaborating with other businesspeople is a key to success as an entrepreneur. But if you’ve tried and failed to foster mutually beneficial relationships or started a partnership that you felt was too one-sided, you might be skeptical that collaboration can actually work.

But you just need a different approach. Traditional networking doesn’t always work. But there is a relatively new medium that allows you to land important contacts with the heavy hitters in your niche and get access to their audience – maybe even get a direct endorsement.

If you want to grow your business – this is a must-have. Stop waiting for opportunities to come to you – go out and grab them. I go over ways to kick things off, as well as…

  • The power of “interviewing” to turn heavy hitters in your niche into partners
  • How to get an “influencer” to promote you and your business
  • Growing your business through a smarter lead generation system
  • The right way to measure the “success” of your business relationships
  • Potential opportunities to explore once rapport has been established

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