Deb Calvert | The Detours on Your Success Path

Before you can be an effective leader, there’s one member of the team you have to get “buy-in” from first, says Deb Calvert, founder of People First Productivity Solutions. Hint: It’s not a top manager or key employee.

We also talk about what many business owners perceive as a “necessary evil”: sales. But that’s exactly the wrong way to think about it, says Deb. We talk about the attitude you need instead if you want to propel business growth and preserve your core values.

We also cover how you should think of buyers – and how to talk to them without being “sales-y.” It’s easier than you think.

Listen in to discover…

  • The “detours” that put you on the right road to success
  • Careful decision-making strategies without analysis paralysis
  • The questions that build trust with buyers
  • How incentives for your salespeople can sabotage sales goals
  • And more

Listen now…


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