Adam King | How to Differentiate Your Marketing to Expand Your Business

Our special guest on this week’s episode of the Unstoppable CEO podcast is Adam King. Adam is the host of The B2B Growth Think Tank Podcast and leads the growth consultancy, Think Like a Fish, as the Business Growth Accelerator. He focuses on helping established B2B and professional service firms generate £500k of additional revenue in 12 months.

Adam says, “So there’s always something in your process, something that you do, that you can really bring out—  either you do it slightly differently or not everybody in your market really celebrates or talks about. If that’s brought out, suddenly, you are very, very different.”

We chat with Adam about bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be with regards to business development, as well as:

  • What your company needs to own and control to effectively delegate for execution
  • The benefits of developing a results generator visual model
  • Bringing focus to the steps along the path that create outcomes for your clients
  • How to bring to life the intangible value that you offer
  • And more

Mentioned in this episode:

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