Lori Michele Leavitt | Creating Your Own “North Star”

The only constant in business – in life too, for that matter – is change. It’s how you confront change that matters. 

For Lori Michele Leavitt, the “Pivot Catalyst,” that means careful and considered decision-making. Your next step could be bold… you might even make a complete 180 degree turn.  

But, says Lori, you don’t have anything to fear if you’re in the right “environment.”  

We unpack all that, as well as…

  • The 6 indicators that tell you if your business is moving forward
  • The group every entrepreneur needs to learn from and “lean on” 
  • Discovering the people you don’t need in your life (and they could be very close to you)
  • The key difference between consulting and coaching
  • And more

Listen now…

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