Matt Heinz | Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Sales and Marketing

Now, more than ever, says Matt Heinz, you need to be crystal clear about who you’re selling to and why… and build your message around that. Only then can you stand out from the crowd and reach the fewer prospects who are buying (and are buying less, by the way).

He says the first step is to set your sales goals – and that informs your target market. Next, setting up a “sales funnel.” 

But in complex selling, which requires multiple “touches” to get the deal, a new type of funnel is needed, says Matt. He outlines a sales process that incorporates all parts of your organization working together.

As part of that, Matt talks about getting very specific about your target audience – much more detailed than you might think. We talk about that, as well as…

  • A strategy for scaling up revenue goals – without increasing your marketing budget
  • How to get sales and marketing teams to actually work together
  • Why the wrong types of goals can sabotage your marketing 
  • When a lead isn’t a really a lead
  • And more

Listen now…

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