How to Radically Free Your Time and Improve Your Business

In January I began a process to radically free up my time and increase our business.

It all started with 8 little words that I wrote on a sticky note and attached to my computer monitor…

“The Less I Do…The More I Make

An awful lot of “gurus” will tell you that you need to delegate, trim your to-do list, create time freedom…and…and..and…

And…they never really explain how to go about it.

So, instead of telling you you should do it, I’m showing you how I’m doing it, right now, in real-time. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

This is the first in a series of episodes and articles where I’ll show you how I’m transforming my schedule from a business that had grown in 2020 to consume me 7-days a week by the end of the year, to one where I take 164 days off in a year…AND GROW THE BUSINESS FASTER THAN BEFORE.

I recorded this episode several weeks ago, then after reflecting on it, decided to write a 1500 word article distilling the insights further.

I hope it opens some new thinking for you.

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