Steve Gordon | The 8 Mindsets of Business Growth

In the popular imagination, the entrepreneur is a risk-taker… ready to change directions on a whim. 

But the key to growing a business that will be sustainable in the long-term depends on a deep understanding who your ideal prospects are – the more specific the better – and then creating a system to reach them.

For most business owners, the number of new clients they need each year is much lower than they think. This actually requires a whole different marketing mindset than you’re used to. Referrals, networking, online marketing… it can all play a role. Just not the way you think.

We get into details on that, including…

  • Why traditional Internet marketing doesn’t work for professional service providers
  • How to identify your top 100 prospects (and you only need 100)
  • Ways to effectively communicate the true value you bring to the table
  • The secret of relentless follow-up
  • Adopting a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity

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