Thane Marcus Ringler | The Self-Awareness Gap

The very best professional athletes are famous for their focus. In business, focus is a key to success but not the way you’d assume, says Thane Marcus Ringler.

One element is take what our mentors and teachers have taught us and take it to the next level. Thane shares how you can make that leap and propel forward progress by being… simplistic.

He says the key is a way of thinking – a mental model – too many people neglect, especially in our always-connected world.

We explore that in-depth, as well as…

  • How a Plan B can sabotage your success
  • The one thing that will teach you the most about your business
  • What unlocks true creativity
  • 3 Steps to mastery – and what mastery really is
  • And more

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00:00 Interview with Thane Marcus Ringler.

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Thane Marcus Ringler. Thane is a former pro golfer turned writer, speaker, and coach. Thane brings his professional athlete mentality to his work in coaching.

01:38 Thane tells us his background, how he got into golf, and how golf’s singular competitive nature appealed to him.

05:14 Thane tells us how an injury led to him to have a plan B.

10:49 Thane talks about the “dip” we have in business and how to overcome it by defining what failure is.

14:46 Thane explains his views on fear of failure.

16:06 Steve hates failure but understands the value of it.

17:33 Thane explains how failure is like going to the gym.

20:38 Thane tells us about his book and how to pursue mastery.

24:41 Thane explains to us the key of self awareness.

27:48 Thane tells us about the three-fold process to achieving mastery.

30:17 Steve and Thane tells us how getting time to yourself without distraction can be the most productive time you can have.

34:36 Steve and Thane tells us that there is no substitute for persistent effort and work with one direction. “Say no to the moment to say yes to the future.”

41:15 Thane reminds that “forward progress is not a finished process.”

42:47 Thane tells us how best to get in contact with him

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