Adam Schaeuble | Transforming Your Business and Body

How do you go from the lowest of low points to reaching your most important goals? One decision at a time, says Adam Schaeuble, a.k.a. the PHD (Previously Heavy Dude).

Adam shares how he achieved a remarkable physical and business transformation by doing at least one thing every day. And you don’t have to be in dire straits to make it work.

His strategies work when your business has plateaued, goals seem out of reach, and you can’t seem to motivate yourself to make it happen.

He shows you how to move the needle consistently and sustainably. And we also talk about…

  • The power of the Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement
  • The right way to use affirmations
  • Why you shouldn’t have “days off”
  • The challenge every entrepreneur should take on
  • And more

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00:00 Interview with Adam Schaeuble.

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Adam Schaeuble. Adam is the host of the top fitness podcast The Million Pound Mission. Adam lost over 100 pounds and has used this as an inspiration to help others.

02:25 Adam tells us how his body transformation and business transformation are linked. Starting with him losing 100 pounds to starting bootcamps that collectively where members have lost 35,000 pounds collectively.

05:50 Adam explains his lifestyle rehabilitation statement.

09:23 Adam talks about being the hero of your own situation.

11:43 Adam tells us how to fight against “victim mode.”

13:00 Steve talks about hiring a fitness trainer to make him accountable for his fitness.

16:36 Adam tells us how you can add your own weight loss to his website and add to the mission.

20:55 Adam took his inspiration from an unlikely source: McDonalds!

24:07 Adam talks about using Dan Sullivan’s “Unique Ability” concept.

26:17 Steve explains how you must use your unique ability to create freedom for yourself.

29:24 Steve and Adam talk about the importance of having trustworthy people when delegating work.

33:35 Adam explains how to work towards your giant goal without getting overwhelmed.

37:05 Adam tells us how best to get in contact with him.

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