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The true freedom of freelancing can seem out of reach at times, especially at the beginning. Jason Resnick knows all too well that you have to remember you’re building a business as a foundation for the lifestyle.

A big part of that – and securing long term clients and reliable income – is setting yourself apart from the competition. Jason also shares how he is able to form mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

We talk about…

  • Avoiding the feast-or-famine cycle
  • The clients you must say “no” to
  • Picking a profitable niche
  • The personalized client experience
  • Why the money is in the follow up
  • And more…

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00:00 Interview with Jason Resnick.

01:05 Today Steve talks with Jason Resnick. Jason coaches freelancers to build their businesses to create a sustainable recurring revenue.

01:20 Jason starts off by telling us how he always wanted freedom and flexibility which led him to where he is now.

05:58 Jason tells us how in the beginning he didn’t know how to attract business, but his experience in web development led him to try and find the method by analyzing his own business.

13:48 Jason tells us about the feast or famine cycle and how to get out of the famine and on to the sustained feast.

16:03 Jason tells us how specializing is the key to creating a sustainable business. Jason explains how he did it, starting by saying no to bad clients.

20:58 Jason explains how to be brave enough to turn down clients and how to search for the clients you want starting by simply talking to people.

23:46 Jason tells us the next step to differentiate yourself from everybody else.

26:03 Steve talks about the bad way to do follow up after your initial pitch.

27:58 Jason tells us that you should have a library of links and that you should use the app Bonjoro.

30:09 Steve talks about how Jason used Bonjoro in contacting him.

32:33 Jason tells us about the three buckets that you have to understand about the business that you want to help.

39:05 Jason tells us how best to get in contact with him.

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