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In this episode of The Unstoppable CEO™ Podcast Brice McBeth, Founder of Reap Marketing and shares the two key questions he’s developed to stay focused and unstoppable as he grows two successful companies.

Plus, Brice shares his “Conversion Precedence Framework”…if you have a website and want better performance you won’t want to miss this…

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00:12 Steve introduces Brice McBeth.

02:08 Brice begins by telling us how he got started in business, from IBM to Agency to eventually working for himself.

04:49 Brice defines the trait that he believes makes him Unstoppable- how he deals with attrition.

08:49 Steve adds to Brice’s attrition point by using examples from his own experiences.

11:12 Brice talks about how one of his peers told him to “fire and rehire himself” as a CEO.

13:40 “Email is Evil!”

15:24 Brice talks about his Agency days how this is where he learnt the importance of delegation of work.

18:44 Brice tells us what he is most excited about- his Conversion Precedence Framework. He thankfully breaks it down for us.

22:48 Steve continues Brice’s point on A/B testing.

24:34 Super Bowl commercials suck.

25:53 Brice goes into yet further detail about his concept.

31:30 Brice re-tells a story from Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves about buying an awful $300 website template, that worked!

34:48 Brice explains exactly what Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves can help you with.

38:17 Brice tells us what he is reading right now.

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