Matt Deutschman | Creating Freedom & A Lasting Brand

On this week’s episode of The Unstoppable CEO Podcast, we speak with Matt Deutschman. Matt is the Owner and President of Doubletake Promotional Marketing, a company that specializes in custom branded promotional products for colleges and universities, and professional service firms.

He founded Doubletake in 2010 and is the fourth generation in his family in the promotional marketing industry after his great-grandfather and grandfather began the Paulmay Co. in 1935.

Matt says, “It’s all about understanding our client— best understanding their marketing strategy, what their brand is all about, who their target market is, and how best to reach them.”

We chat about adapting for longevity, as well as:

  • The role of delegation in business growth
  • Best practices during hiring for building a trustworthy team
  • Pivoting during the pandemic
  • Nurturing client relationships
  • And more…


07:00 Creating a vital training manual before hiring the first employee

10:00 The transition of task delegation in his company in order to grow

11:45 Hiring practices to trust and empower your team

14:00 Pivoting to offer valuable PPE during the pandemic

14:00 Branding profile brilliance with their mock university

21:00 Cultivating and nurturing client relationships

Mentioned in this episode:

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