Duncan Littlefield | Recalibration for Problem Solving Entrepreneurs

Our special guest on this episode of The Unstoppable CEO podcast is Duncan Littlefield. He’s the Founder and CEO of Littlefield, a holding company that has companies such as The Littlefield Company and Sidecar, where they tell under-told stories, by delivering scalable content for purpose driven companies. He’s on a mission to support everyone who wants to become obsessed with their own unique life.

Duncan says, “We’re having a blast. The work that the team is putting out is exceptional, but the way they hold themselves and the way they treat our partners is even better. So I’m one of the luckiest guys you get to meet because I’ve technically had three dream jobs. And I love every bit of what I’m doing and I’m having a blast.”


05:25 Creating an environment for millennials to learn new skills

09:45 Aligning your work and personal life with your own personal DNA

14:15 Finding the best formula for you to pause and set a course for the future

18:05 Taking the time to turn in on long cross-country drive to golf tournaments

30:50 Adapting to offer successful services after losing 70% of business in March 2020 

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