Joe Fier | Tearing Your Business Down… And Building It Back Up

Starting a business from scratch and turning a profit can be challenging enough. Joe Fier, along with business partner Matt Wolfe, go that extra mile. With their online company, Evergreen Profits, they constantly shift their business model – even if they’ve been profitable and successful.

The idea is to morph the business to reach a larger audience and bigger, more predictable profits. Discover how they’ve done it and what you can apply to your business.

Joe reveals how they make these big transitions work, as well as…

  • Why you should build momentum instead of swing for the fences
  • The best way to find out what your customers want
  • How a weekly “audit” can reveal what your business is missing
  • Why you should always start the conversation with your prospects
  • A solid strategy for turning cold traffic into reliable revenue (this is very different than what most people are doing right now)
  • And even more…

Joe Fier TimeLine

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Joe Fier, who along with his business partner Matt Wolf, co founded Evergreen Profits.

01:18 Joe tells us how his business partner Matt is the ying to his yang and how they started Evergreen.

04:39 Joe explains the highs and lows of his business how he’s learnt that it’s about just keeping it steady.

06:29 Joe explains how the twists and turns of business has led to new opportunities.

09:35 Joe talks about the importance of having a business partner who thinks differently than you do.

13:01 Joe talks about how he made a shift in his business by taking a year away from it and “road mapping”. He explains their google strategy.

18:43 Joe talks about Google Adword retargeting.

21:19 Joe talks about why he reduced his client group to around 10.

23:07 Steve breaks down what Joe and Matt have actually accomplished by backfilling their revenue.

28:02 Joe tells us how best to get in contact with him and get his content.

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