Lee Richter | Cultivating a Masterful Team

Our special guest on this episode of the Unstoppable CEO Podcast is Lee Richter. She is the Founder and CEO at Richter Communications, and the Chief Visionary Officer, Speaker and Global Leader at Go Ask Lee. She’s also a member of the Forbes Business Council, CEO of the Event Planners Association, and the Founder and Executive Director of the Pet and Wildlife Fund. Lee is a master of launching successful businesses and assembling teams to accomplish visionary goals.

“The world needs the black and white story. The world needs the all colors included story. And that’s what I bring as a multiplier. I bring all the different versions, the different perspectives, I bring different views together. And it tells a different tapestry of stories that way,” says Lee.

Lee shares her formula for developing a successful team, as well as:

  • Collaboration between simplifiers and multipliers
  • Cultivating a team to care for aspects of business outside your wheelhouse
  • Task management for allowing your team to thrive
  • ELF mentality
  • And more

Listen now…

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