Maddie Brown | It Could Be Time to “Breakup” with Your CPA

You became an entrepreneur to achieve financial freedom. But, says CPA and financial advisor Maddie Brown, too many business people have a mindset about money that ensures that will never happen.

If you neglect your financial records.

If you’re not sure how – or how much – money flows from customers to your pocket.

If you blame the economy or other “outside forces” for problems.

If you’re always on the lookout for IRS letters.

If you’re afraid of looking at or even thinking about your finances.

Then you need Maddie’s advice…now. (It’s a judgment-free zone.)

In the interview, we discuss…

  • The E+R=O equation for achieving your biggest goals
  • How to know if you need a new CPA (many businesses do)
  • The only way to overcome setbacks
  • Using “proactive” accounting to boost revenue
  • The question you must ask yourself about your business now
  • And more

Episode Timeline:

00:11 Today Steve speaks with one of his clients, Maddie Brown. Maddie has been a certified public accountant for more than 30 years.

01:44 Maddie tells us her background and how its her mission to help small businesses be successful.

04:43 Maddie tells us which book helped her overcome obstacles in business and create the life she wanted to live.

07:49 Steve talks about how he now deals with challenging outcomes.

09:09 E+R=O

09:51 Maddie explains the process she goes through to help her clients.

15:05 Maddie explains how your accounts tell a story.

17:17 Maddie tells us how most accountants are bad communicators.

18:41 Steve tells us how your accountant should be a part of your growth team.

21:53 Maddie tells us how to work out your debt with the IRS.

28:16 Maddie tells us about the type of clients she helps.

29:41 Maddie tells us how best to get in contact with her.

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