Michael Zipursky | Embracing Imperfection in Your Business

Perfection is your biggest enemy, says our guest this week, Michael Zipursky of ConsultingSuccess.com. Michael says it’s an issue holding back many of the consultants and professional service providers he’s worked with over the years. Michael sees tremendous value in what he calls “Imperfect Action.” Don’t spend all your time fine-tuning your offer, value proposition, product, or service. Just put it out there… then learn how to make it better based on what the marketplace tells you.

That’s how to make consistent progress and grow your business. Patience, focus, and a willingness to make mistakes is key too.

And that’s just the start. Tune in now to hear Michael explain…

  • What matters more than tactics, strategy, and technology
  • The dangers of Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Ways to achieve meaningful success that counts
  • The myth of the Magic Bullet for your business
  • How to create proposals that are easy for your clients to say yes to

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