Mitch Russo | The Secret to Scaling Your Business with a Virtual Team

The days of needing a physical office, full of employees, to build a highly successful (and profitable business are behind us. In this Unstoppable CEO interview, I talk with Mitch Russo–author of The Invisible Organization.

Mitch is an expert in building “virtual” organizations.

Organizations with distributed workforces, where the team doesn’t meet at the office at 8 am every day.

Mitch isn’t your typical expert. He didn’t just write a book…he’s built two companies.

The first, Timeslips–his the software company he built and sold. The second–Business Breakthroughs International, where Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes brought Mitch in as CEO to build their international consulting firm 100% virtually.

Since leaving BBI, Mitch has helped dozens of firms go all virtual, or partly virtual and reap enormous savings.

In fact, Mitch shares how he helped Tony Robbins put an extra $1 million of profit in his pocket every year by going virtual. Could you use another million?

In this interview, you’ll discover the keys to going virtual and making it successful for you, and for your team. Done well, you get a more profitable, more accountable, and happier company.


00:13 Steve introduces Mitch Russo. Amongst other things he builds “Virtual Companies”.

01:58 Mitch tells us how he got started in business, following the time-honored tradition of man

Entrepreneurs….he got high and started a rock band in his mother’s basement.

But what he learned there was 1# Discipline 2# Product 3# Focus 4# True Value

5# Testimonials #6 PR

07:14 “We do chicken right” Col Sanders

9:22 Mitch tells us he quit his job to build a product, found out that it was worthless and then the same day found it was worth millions.

12:50 Steve explains how Mitch’s point of never giving up is perhaps the most important part of being unstoppable.

16:42 Mitch contrasts a normal routine of a company person with a virtual company person- showing how much money can be saved.

26:21 Mitch outlines the main fears people have in moving from a standard company to a virtual one.

28:20 Steve outline his own reasons for using a virtual workforce.

30:51 Mitch gives an example of a Meat Packing Company from NY who moved components of their company to virtual ones.

32:05 Mitch tells us what he’s most excited to be working on these days.

35:52 Mitch gives us a secret access to a special section of his website.

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