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Justin Krane | Get Control of Your Money

One of my business mantras is “Cash ain’t cash, unless it’s cash…” I heard that from the late Red Scott. He was the CEO of Snapper Lawnmower and the CEO of Vistage Florida. His point is simple… Receivables “ain’t” cash. Your line of credit “ain’t” cash. Your brand “ain’t” cash. Cash is cash. Sometimes it’s … Read more

Paul Chase | How To Use Your Professional Practice to Build Passive Income

I’m fortunate to get to hang around successful professionals and the side conversation that’s always going on is this… “How can I create income without trading hours for dollars?” and… “How can I take the profits from my practice and diversify my wealth?” If you’ve had some success, these are critical questions to answer. The … Read more

Gene Hammett | How to Get Clients from Speaking

Almost 25 years ago now I delivered what was easily described as the worst speech of my life. I was nervous, I stumbled, it was awkward. And yet, the one speech changed the course of my life forever. From the people in that conference breakout room my firm landed several million dollars in contracts over … Read more

Robert Michon | How to Motivate Your Team and Free Your Time

If you’ve got more than you in your organization, you’ve got to deal with a team and get them motivated to do what you need done. I’ve believed for a long time that you really can’t motivate people. They’re all self-motivated. They just might not be motivated to do what you need them to do. … Read more

John Curry | Unstoppable Sales with Financial Advisor

Listen as my friend and client John Curry gives you a simple, clear plan for becoming unstoppable in sales. John is a top-performing financial advisor, and has been for over 35 years. He’s a lifetime member of The Million Dollar Roundtable and has achieved the Top of the Table and Court of the Table distinctions. … Read more

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