Russ Perry | You Have the Power to Overcome Success Roadblocks

Think about what your obituary would say if you died today. For Russ Perry, that exercise was the motivation he needed to make major changes.

Russ, founder of Design Pickle and author of new book The Sober Entrepreneur, had addiction issues that threatened to unravel his life. But the way he overcame them – and went on to create breakthrough success – can be a great model for any entrepreneur, especially those in start-up mode.

For one, Russ has channeled the “power” of addiction (everybody is addicted to something, he says) into positive energy. And he found that the best way to serve your family, your business, and yourself…is to be selfish. He’ll explain how that works during this interview, as well as…

  • Why you should double or triple your fees right now
  • The “work out” for your brain that can interrupt destructive thoughts
  • A strategy for ensuring you’re always enjoying your business
  • How to solve a profit problem in one step
  • Tips for handling the everyday stresses entrepreneurs face
  • And more

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