Ted Thomas | A Low-Risk Real Estate Business

Before his current success, Ted Thomas had some very tough times as an entrepreneur and investor. As in, he lost it all almost overnight. 

Ted says he wouldn’t trade it because it showed him the dangers of being over-leveraged and tamed his tolerance for high-risk investments. 

We talk about how he got into a real estate-focused business with very low-risk that has resulted in steady returns since 1989… who he says is to blame for any failures in your life… and why he says paying other people’s taxes can make you a lot of money.

We dig deep into those topics, as well as…

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who’ll tell you like it is
  • A unique real estate investment with “guaranteed” 18% returns – or more
  • Where to buy tax lien certificates… and places to avoid
  • Why you should buy low and sell low
  • What happens to your lien when a person defaults on their tax payments… and how to take advantage of it

Listen now…

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