Ed O’Keefe | Time Collapsing

Want to know how to leap ahead, compress time, and achieve your goals faster…? This interview with Ed O’Keefe will give you both the mindset and the practical steps to move faster and skip the “pay your dues” slow-lane that most people settle for.

Ed’s the author of Time Collapsing! The New Art of Speed, Money, Power & Meaning, and maybe more importantly he’s not just an author, he’s built more than one 7-8 figure business.

Building one business beyond $1 million in annual revenue is an accomplishment.

Do it more than once and you’ve got a system.

Ed’s done that and I’m excited to share this interview with you.

Listen and you’ll discover…

  • How Ed reached deep to persevere through a mini Navy Seal “Hell Week” experience and how you can apply the lesson to your business this week.
  • How to use your mind to turn and struggle into an “enjoyable experience” so that you can push through the difficulty and achieve your true potential.
  • Ed’s approach to staying present and focused on the positive outcome you want at all times.
  • The secret to “collapsing time” and blowing past false limitations.
  • Using modeling to to jump to the top 3% of performers as fast as humanly possible.
  • And so much more…


00:12 Steve introduces Ed O Keefe to the show.

01:20 Ed reveals he has 7 kids, all under the age of 12….wow!

02:20 Ed tells us how he started off in business and how he came to realise that you can be whatever you want to be.

08:37 We all hit roadblocks in our lives. Ed explains how he has dealt with this while also telling us about a 2 ½ day Navy Seal course he did that was so grueling that people have died while attempting it.

17:39 Ed tells a great David Goggins story, the guy amongst other things holds the WR for chin ups in 24 hours.

21:36 Steve loves Ed’s book so much that he bought 10 copies for his workshops. Ed breaks down what Time Collapsing is about and discusses the Leapfrog Theory.

26:53 Ed expands on an important chapter of his book, Modeling, and how it can help you.

31:32 Ed explains how the ultimate leverage point in any business is sales. He explains how his business went from $200k sales per month to $1.7m in only 4 months!

36:04 Ed explains the difference between KnowFoods and health supplements.

40:20 Ed tells us how to get in touch with him.

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