Bob Serling | Next Level Networking that Leads to Breakthrough Business Partnerships

The popular image of an entrepreneur is going solo… being independent. But my guest this week, copywriter and joint venture expert Bob Serling, advocates a different approach that allows you to leverage the expertise and contacts of others. You can use his strategies if you’re selling a product or seeking clients for your professional services… even trying to find work in a new career path.

Your business will move forward exponentially, says Bob, when you leave behind a winner-take-all attitude and instead help others be successful first.

That’s just one of the counterintuitive concepts Bob shares. And they’re proven to work – it’s how he created a best-selling toy with the world’s top skateboarder, despite starting with zero experience in the industry.

Tune in to discover…

  • The secret ingredient to a successful business most entrepreneurs don’t understand
  • Where to find the game-changers for your business – they’re closer than you think
  • Why you should avoid traditional networking… and what to do instead
  • The one thing you must do before creating a product or trying to sell it
  • How to quickly make yourself credible to those who can help you the most

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