Laura Roeder | Going from Solopreneur to 7-figure CEO

If you’re transitioning from being a freelancer to building your own company – and you’re struggling (who isn’t?), you don’t want to miss this talk with Laura Roeder. She was a freelance designer and is now CEO of a 30-employee company that offers the popular social media automation tool, Edgar.

As the owner/founder, you’re often the bottleneck slowing your company’s progress. Laura has solid tips for recognizing and overcoming your self-inflicted obstacles to growth.

She also shares strategies for avoiding social media burnout and using this marketing channel effectively.

Check out this episode now to find out…

  • Ways to avoid “Monkey in the Middle” Syndrome
  • How to make sure you’re actually delegating
  • Which type of people you need to take your business to the next level
  • A social media strategy that gets results – and takes less work
  • The two types of social posts getting the most traction now

And that’s just a small taste…

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