Hugh Culver | What your clients really want (not what you think)

If you teach businesses how to boost their social media profile, create webinars, or similar… check out a new approach to working with clients from Hugh Culver of Stand Out Social. There’s an alternative to teaching that will ensure they follow through and see results. And when your clients succeed in this way… you succeed because they hire you again and again – automatically. This is how Hugh grew his latest business to six figures in just 10 months.

Hugh also shares what happened when he finally stopped trying to be the hardest worker in his business. And that’s just the start.

Check out the episode to find out…

  • How to get the most out of your mastermind group – if they don’t “scare” you, you’re wasting your time
  • The weekly ritual with your team that can change everything in your business
  • Ways to pre-qualify clients so you only work with those that will be successful
  • Where to find the right employees so you can escape the day-to-day – and focus on growing the business
  • Details on a profitable alternative to teaching and consulting – your clients are dying for this right now
  • And more

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