Dov Gordon | Figure Out Your “Ultimate Destination” as an Entrepreneur and Your Path Will Be Clear

Have you ever fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to others? Their success… their achievements… actually, have nothing to do with you, says my guest this week Dov Gordon. Dov helps people in the corporate world transition into becoming six-figure consultants and coaches. But anyone who’s struggling to grow a new business can benefit from his strategies.

In this episode, he shares techniques for clearing away “mental blocks” so you can tackle – and achieve – your biggest, boldest goals. And he’ll highlight the only three things you need to create the business success you deserve.

Listen in now to discover…

  • When you should listen to your gut – even if your brain is yelling at you to stop
  • How to find the right answers… by asking better questions
  • The dangers of long-term thinking
  • Why “outside” feedback can give you the clarity – and kick in the butt – you need
  • Everybody feels self-doubt – here’s how to get over it ASAP
  • And more

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