Jason Friedman | Build Your Biz and Boost Sales by Turning Customers into Your Biggest Fans

Sure, finding new customers is important. But by leveraging your relationship with existing customers and giving them new products and services they want, you can actually increase revenue without spending more on marketing. How do you do it? Listen to them, get in their heads, and understand them at a deep level, says my guest, Jason Friedman, founder and CEO of CX Formula, who’s worked with Fortune 100 companies and solopreneurs too. During our talk, Jason shares strategies for crafting customer experiences that turn customers into raving fans who buy again and again – and tell the world about you.

In the interview you’ll learn:

  • Techniques for overcoming the #1 challenge facing entrepreneurs
  • The seven questions you must ask to know you customers inside and out
  • Where to find strategic byproducts – profitable opportunities you don’t plan for
  • How saying “no” can actually open up more possibilities
  • Why you should measure progress on your goals by looking “back” not forward
  • The magic of the “stop doing” list to keep your forward momentum
  • Jason even shares a free download – Three Hacks to Wow Your Customers full of 10-minutes strategies that can have a profound impact on your business


00:12 Steve introduces Jason Friedman, the founder and CEO of CXFormula, a company that can give your business the knowhow on developing the greatest customer experience.

01:40 Jason started out in theater lighting, touring with some of the biggest rock acts in the world such as FleetWood Mac and Rush. His experience from giving the audience a memorable experience led to him forming his own company giving clients the best experience possible.

05:49 Jason was very fortunate to have Dan Sullivan as a mentor how taught him how to set goals and how to measure his own progress.

08:29 Jason met Jim Collins at a conference who made him to a “stop doing “list as well as the importance of being able to say “No”.

11:26 Steve talks about his own goal setting process based on Dan Sullivan’s “the gap and the gain”.

13:27 Jason explains Strategic Byproducts and how he treats life like a game.

14:44 Steve talks about how he wrongly used to base his progress against other peoples.

19:41 Jason defines what customer experience really is and explains what “the experience gap” is and “the experience revolution”.

31:29 Jason asks you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and explains his formula A+B+=R.

38:16 Jason explains how focusing on your existing customers and maximizing their customer experience with you is the best way forward.

46:01 What Jason wants to read next.

46:54 click on www.Go.ckformula.com/unstoppable to get your free download exclusive to UnstoppableCEO listeners!

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