MJ Fitzpatrick | Did You Create Your Own Obstacles? Here’s What to Do About It

Have you ever seen that wooden wall that Marines must climb as they race through the obstacle course in basic training? It’s 30-feet high, straight up. In business, we like to construct walls just like that and plant them right between ourselves and our goals. We do it unconsciously…even as a protection…and often we don’t even realize we’ve put up the wall we’re staring at.

My guest on this week’s Unstoppable CEO Podcast is a master at helping entrepreneurs see the walls they’ve built, and cut holes in them (so you can walk through, instead of climb over),

His name is MJ Fitzpatrick, and in this 30-minute interview he’ll help you discover…

  • The right way to approach work/life balance – it’s not what you think
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be “right” – and what to do instead
  • The power of language to self-sabotage or put you in the mindset for achievement
  • How to shine a light on the blind spots that are holding you back from success
  • The importance of leaving comfort behind to experience real growth
  • How you can find joy in your business – and leave stress out of the equation


00:12 Steve introduces M.J Fitzpatrick, a young Australian who teaches people to update the process of their thinking.

01:47 M.J tells us his extraordinary background which led him to where he is now.

05:03 M.J discusses the process behind “think about your thinking” and incentive driven bias.

07:30 Steve and M.J discuss unconscious thinking.

08:57 M.J talks about learning from Napoleon.

12:20 M.J explains how he works with people to find and fix their “blind spots”.

14:32 Steve talks about his mentor Dr. Sukumar and how your life is like a movie.

16:23 M.J talks about facing your fear and not having any excuses.

21:16 M.J explains how he works with people. He makes the distinction between business problems and life problems.

23:26 Steve talks about the work-life balance and how it really isn’t about time, while M.J tells us to fill our work life with things we enjoy doing.

28:21 M.J tells us the importance of what questions we ask ourselves.

29:31 M.J tells us how to get in contact with him and if you do he’ll give you 99% of his content for free!

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