John Corcoran | Building Business Relationships for Bigger Profits

When the going gets tough, the tough… Get connected…

When crisis hits–in business or in your personal life–the tendency is to withdraw. But you should actually be looking to your network to help you overcome setbacks.

Succeeding in business is, at its core, all about relationships.

If you’ve neglected your network. My guest, John Corcoran, and I will be discussing ways to warm up your business relationships so your network is a useful resource.

John, of Smart Business Revolution and Rise25, will also share ways to overcome the constant scramble for new clients and how to set up your business for long-term success – without you in the picture.

Listen now to learn…

  • How to avoid the curse of “fake” connections
  • The trick to creating relationships that make you stronger – and how to repay the help
  • The introvert’s guide to networking (they’re actually the best at it)
  • The worst venues for networking – and where to go instead
  • Why your business should never be “dependent” on you
  • How to generate more leads and make more money… doing less work
  • The Product Ladder that turns prospects into your best customers, step-by-step


00:13 Steve introduces John Corcoran, whose career has gone from presidential speech writing to helping business develop deep connections.

02:03 John introduces who he is and how it was his wanderlust type childhood that helped shape his career.

03:46 John talks about fear in business.

05:33 John talks about his struggles during the economic downturn.

07:00 Steve talks about the withdrawing effect that can happen when you’re under pressure.

08:11 John says to try and find who your real friends are and how to keep them.

10:00 Steve talks about being introverted when he was younger and John points out that that doesn’t matter, that it can’t be used as an excuse.

13:10 John tells us how to filter through to the people that matter.

16:44 John talks about what he is most excited about in business today.

19:49 John explains the “Minimum Viable Offering”.

21:32 Steve tells us that it is very important to extract ourselves from the business when we need to.

26:05 John talks about the evolution of jobs, revenue and lead generation.

30:45 John gives us some great tips for dealing with the time you begin to scale up your business.

33:40 John gives us free access to his product ladder to gain information on how to open revenue from your company you didn’t know you had.

36:59 John tells us what he’s reading right now.

41:34 John tells us how to contact him.

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