June Jewell | Are Your Clients Taking Advantage of You?

If you have a professional service firm… you can’t miss this one. Have you ever done a project and ended up making less than you estimated?

Maybe even lost money?

The project went off without a hitch. In fact, you over-delivered.

It may be hard to believe… but that’s where you went wrong.

June Jewell of AEC Business Solutions stops by to share the dangers of “culture traps” that allow professional service firms, to flounder financially even while providing great service.

June also shares a business model that gives your business a guaranteed income every month.

Tune in and you’ll get straight talk from June about…

  • When – and how – to turn down a client request
  • Ways to guard against the dreaded scope creep
  • How to make sure “technical” people keep profitability front of mind
  • The training your team needs now that could save your business
  • How to guard against the biggest “money drains”
  • The importance of estimating – do it the right way and you’ll never lose money on a project again
  • Using the “Amazon” method to position yourself to make long-term recurring revenue


00:12 Steve introduces June Jewel, a specialist in the AEC industry.  She specializes in finding the leaks in your business to bring it up to the next level.

01:26 June tells us how she started off in business back in 1990 by getting fired.

04:06 June explains that it is impossible to be unstoppable all the time. Instead, try to be it most of the time.

06:36 June tells us how she left a great job to start her business. Steve and June then discuss the importance of recurring revenue and the use of Amazon as an example.

13:41 June talks about her book Find The Lost Dollars. She actually sold her business in order to spend 100% of her time writing it. This then led her to develop an online training platform.

18:12 June tells us how she reviews a business in order to help it level up.

21:05 Steve talks about estimating a job price properly.

23:11 June explains what “Culture Traps” are.

June tells us that her book caters for all service business, not just those in her particular field and how to contact her.

28:54 June tells us what she’s reading right now.

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