Kevin Kermes | Making Business Simple

We’re so good at making things complicated, aren’t we… If you ever feel like you’ve got too many balls in the air, you’ll find this interview with Kevin Kermes, CEO of Career Attraction, refreshing.

Kevin’s got a knack for cutting through the B.S. and getting to what’s essential.

Listen and you’ll discover…

  • How to identify and focus on the fundamental activities that create results…
  • How to reduce the key activities in your business to simple math…
  • Why endless “optimization” is a trap, and when to stop optimizing, and lock-in your system…
  • The secret simplification Kevin learned from Tony Robbins
  • Why it’s easier now to create real financial security than ever, yet the answer scares most people.
  • The importance of continually evolving new revenue streams.


00:13 Steve introduces Kevin Kermes

00:53 Kevin starts us off by telling us how he started off in business, from the army to where he is now.

02:00 Kevin breaks down what Career Attraction does for people.

04:12 Kevin talks about how he gets to his client’s individual strong points which help them achieve their career goals.

06:47 From his time in the army to his “southern education”, Kevin likes to keep it simple.

08:28 Kevin explains how important it is to actually know what your business is about.

10:52 Kevin tells us what he is excited about for the future; the changing workplace and teaching people how to adapt to it.

14:53 Kevin talks about what it really means to have “stability”.

17:31 Steve talks about his own views on stability.

18:25 Kevin explains the importance of having multiple revenue streams.

21:17 Kevin has a great podcast with an equally great name!

24:19 Kevin tells us how to get in touch with him.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • U.S. Army
  • Coffee or Something Stronger.
  • Tony Robbins
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