Tom Hegna | Seminar Selling and Social Media

Fasten your seatbelts, keep your arms inside the car at all times, and hang on! Author, TV personality and retirement guru Tom Hegna, takes us on a fast and wild ride… [Tweet “Seminar Selling and Social Media with @TomHegnaSpeaks #podcast #financialadvisors https://www.authority-builder-podcast.local/blog/seminar-selling-and-social-media-with-tom-hegna”]

Listen as Tom shares his wisdom on…

  • Why words, language, questions, and stories are the key to selling…
  • How to use seminar selling to overcome prospects’ objections before you’re in a sales meeting…
  • Breaking sales down to the absurdly simple…
  • How to persevere through the ups and downs in business (and guarantee that you move higher with every cycle)…
  • The one word that drives Tom’s social media success…


00:13 Steve introduces Tom Hegna.

00:33 Tom gives us his background in quick-fire bullet points and tells us exactly what he does: advises people how to “Optimally Retire”.

02:40 Tom talks about life and how he gets over the obstacles that that get thrown at him.

04:17 Tom explains how the life insurance business is about “Words, Questions & Stories” and how to make 50K-300K per year.

06:18 Tom tells us why he loves Seminar Selling, Referrals and Social Media all while being authentic.

10:06 Steve agrees with the importance of both Seminar Selling and Authenticity.

11:36 Tom actually doesn’t sell insurance, he creates buyers.

13:56 Tom tells us what he’s got lined up for the future. Teaming up with like-minded people and companies.

15:23 Tom tells us how best to get in touch with him.

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