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Gary Mitchell | How to be Nimble (Even in an Old Profession)

What’s the future of the law firm model? With the transition to hybrid work and the rise of AI, like most industries, the law industry is being forced to adapt… In this episode, my guest Gary Mitchell will cover how attorneys building their practice can be nimble to overcome challenges.  Gary is a top business … Read more

Ali Katz | The Path to Financial Liberation

Is financial freedom a trap? My guest Ali Katz believes we need to reframe it as “financial liberation…” And create an entirely new paradigm for legal, insurance, financial, and other professionals to find fulfillment in their careers.  In this episode, she’ll share why the old business model is broken and how professionals can shift to … Read more

Alex Freytag | Incentivizing Your Team for High-Performance

How do you incentivize your team to create more profit in the business?  (And the answer is not “with a Christmas bonus…”) Alex Freytag is the author of “Profit Works” and an EOS implementer who helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams simplify and clarify their incentive plans.  Alex believes in getting employees to think like an … Read more

Gary Miles | The Problem with the Billable Hour

What tools do lawyers (and other professionals) need to stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed and start enjoying the success and fulfillment they’ve always wanted? My guest Gary Miles has been practicing law for four decades, and now he works with lawyers to help them align their career with their values. Gary believes the billable hour … Read more

Steve Lowell | The Art of the $100k Signature Talk

What is the art of the $100,000 signature talk? If you’ve ever considered speaking as a way to land clients, today’s guest has some wisdom for you… Steve Lowell is on a mission to train people to craft their signature talk, scale their influence, and create more business through speaking. In this episode, he’ll share … Read more

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